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We are skilled in the Insurance Industry, Enterprise Architecture, and complex Software Developments including in-house, offshore, and third-party developments for bigger projects.

From resolving complex software development issues to strategic digital transformation, our software consulting company provides result oriented technical advises to businesses for all latest technologies like Cloud Computing, HTML, Internet of Things, Bots, Saas Solutions, Online Payment Integrations, to name a few.

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Our Services

Consulting and Engineering Services

We provide IT architecture consulting in enterprise as well as software engineering on latest web and cloud technologies.


Enterprise IT Architecture

We provide IT Architecture consulting on enterprise level. As a well established company in Switzerland with well-known Swiss clients we have the needed skills to provide our services for larger enterprise.


Insurance Skills

We have skills in building IT-System for Insurance companies for over 15 years. We were involved in designing and building a complete architecture for a Life Insurance company.


Software Engineering

All aspects in software engineering and DevOps are well known to us and lived in our everyday's live. Our work usually starts with a design and short specification and for complex topics with a small prototype. We are used to working in a continues live cycle of an agile implementation projects. Our work does not stop after final implementation we also provide continues maintenance of our solutions.


Off-shore capabilities

We combine our skills needed for our clients locally and get support for more technically needed tasks and implementations from our in-house highly technically skilled off-shore software development center.


Consulting and Development

See the list of selected projects to give you an overview of our work.

Swiss Life - Business Direct

With Business Direct Swiss Life created a fully automated offer process for customers to get an online a signed BVG and KTG contract in a single contract package.

This is regarded as a disruptive insurance technology as it turns the process of insurance underwriting to a fully automated checking process over a complex contracting phase which takes usually weeks or months. It has been applied to BVG as well as KTG for a single contract package from one online offering system.

Ynoox has implemeted in this project from Web-Development to Backend and calculation all need software assets. Furthermore, the integration to the backend contracting system was implemented as well by us.

Swiss Life has won the Swiss Innovation Award for Insurance in 2013 for Business Direct.

Swiss Life - Outsourcing Print and Scan

Swiss Life strategy decision was to fully outsource Print and Scan to 3rd party companies. This resource intensive work can better be handled by outsourcing partners who provide their services multiple other companies.

Ynoox has implemented in this project the complete Scan In-Workflow and Output Workflow with its depending integration into the backend systems.

PRIME Test Suite

ITS-business - PRIME Test-Suite

Its-business AG has opened a new product line to give Microsoft DevOps Customers a testing environment for their customers. The testing environment includes DevOps packages for Dashboard/Reporting, UI-Testing and Load-Testing.

Ynoox implemented with additional implementation partners an infrastructe on Azure which provides a scaling UI-Testing farm and BI reporting for Testing Data which is visible over Microsoft DevOps.

PDF-Tools AG - PDF Web-Viewer

PDF-Tools AG has implemented a PDF Viewer and Editor to show and edit PDFs in its highest quality.

This PDF WebViewer Library has been extended to allow an easy integration into third-party web interfaces.


Allianz - BVG Migration

Allianz Swiss has implemented a new BVG System to replace its legacy host. Data quality in insurance industries is of main topic to guaranty for these long-running contracts.

Ynoox is implementing in this project the migration path and providing a quality control on the migrated data.


Product Line

Our mission is to provide online services and products without the need of local infrastructure. As such following products are implemented by us and hosted on Microsoft Azure.

DMS - Document Management System

Our Document Management System (DMS) provides an online enterprise document generation and output management system. DMS is capable of generating online documents in different complexities. E.g. letter documents as well as complex reports and merging them to single PDFs and sending them to local or mass printing.

DMS is built completely in Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Technologies leveraging diverse Azure services. As such it's possible to create a highly scalable document generation system which can produce millions of documents per day. Documents designed for online generation are the same as for the mass production. This allows the business to design once and gain for daily and recurring mass productions.

DMS is integration to a third-party mass printing factory. The mass printing factory produces high-quality output on single or role and in addition provides a mixed  2-phase production line.

This product target the enterprise customers, please contact us for further information.

PDF4me - PDF for consumers

PDF4me is the online PDF tool for handling all your document needs!

You can convert to PDF, or convert from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Organize your documents next time with PDF4me. It allows you to re-organize pages, rotate, or delete pages and merge different document types or images to single PDFs. PDF4me comes with a full blown high quality PDF Viewer and Editor and allows you to annotate documents online.

Please have a look yourself and give it a try on your next documents requirement needs.


PDF4me - PDF for Developers

PDF4me for developers full fills all developers wishes around documents and PDFs

Easily integrate with your favourite language like JavaScript, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, or directly with a Rest-API over swagger definition.

Technology Skills

For over 20 years we are used to program and use the state of the art technologies to provide the suitable solution for our clients.
As early adopters of Azure we are since beginning on the Azure platform and know it by heart.
With the HTML5 invention we are continuously on the edge of web development.


Azure - Our prime platform for operation

We are able to choose the appropriate technologies according to your requirements.

- Active Directory / Security
- Key Vault / VPN / nginx
- Azure-DB / Storage / COSMOS-DB
- Azure Function
- Redis / Signal-R
- Service Bus, Eventing
- Analyzer
- Power BI (Reports, Embedded Power BI)
- Scheduler / Job-System
- Microsoft Flow
- Service Fabric / VM-ScaleSets
- Docker / Kubernetes / AKS
- Application Insight / Monitoring

curly bracket

Programming Languages

In our daily implementations we use following programming languages

- C#
- Java
- Python
- R (math and analytics)
- JavaScript / TypeScript

devops cycle


Products and Solution come to Live with DevOps

- Microsoft DevOps
- JIRA / Confluence / Jenkins
- SCRUM / Agile Development



Only well tested System need few maintence

- Load Testing: Jmeter
- UI-Testing: Cypress, Selenium


Web Design and Development

- JavaScript / TypeScript
- React, Angular, jQuery
- Node.Js, ASP.NET/MVC

Technology Partners

Integration with others is Key!

Integrate the best Skills and Technology to provide new Services


Microsoft - Azure

Nowadays there is no in-house data-center anymore needed. Microsoft Azure provides the required globally distributed data-centers to run our products.



PDF Tools AG provides the best PDF libraries on the market. It gives us the quality needed. When it comes to PDF standards, PDF Tools AG has the right solution. PDF Tools AG is the Swiss representative on the ISO committee for PDF/A and PDF and has contributed extensively to the development of these standards. Their PDF Web Viewer library implements the best quality rendering of PDF documents.

Avaloq Outline


With Avaloq/Outline we are able to integrate into a well known swiss based company for mass printing. With their redundant mass printing factory we are able to provide FINMA approved printing for the finance industry.

Swiss Post Solution

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS)

SPS provides a scan factory which is able to scan directly from the incoming post. Integration to SPS allows starting business processes directly after their scans are done and advanced recognitions have been executed.



Nuance is the best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution. It is our favorite when it comes to any OCR features. For many years Nuance (or Omnipage) is providing end-user recognition features. We have incorporated this service to provide the best of its functionalities to our customers.



Aspose is a very broad library for handling many document types and features. It is our prime solution for high scalable requirements. In combination with the cloud architecture highly scalable loads and peak, requirements can be provided for an affordable price.

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